Kitchari Cleanse

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About the Kitchari Cleanse

3 days of the Kitchari Cleanse is a combination of warm teas, fresh & organic juices, and kitchari.
Begin your day with a Hot Tonic, to awaken your digestive system, followed by two different juices, and then kitchari.  A similar regiment is continued throughout the three days. 

What is Kitchari?

An ayurvedic cleansing food made of split mung beans, healing herbs and spices, carrots and spinach.  You can do it with or without brown basmati rice.

Kitchari's astringent qualities encourage a natural pulling action of toxins built up in the intestinal lining. Kitchari, prepared with  spices like ginger, cumin, coriander, fennel, and salt improves the strength of your agni or digestive fire. 


$55 per day. Cleanse includes 5 juices, 2 Kitchari bowls, ginger pickle, and 3 teas.


Additional shipping costs will apply and range between $40-80 depending on location.