Balance Bowl Bar:

Check the # of guests here: 

______15 Hungry - 20 Light Eaters $270.00

______25 Hungry - 30 Light Eaters $405.00

______35 Hungry - 40 Light Eaters $540.00

______45 Hungry - 50 Light Eaters $650.00

______55 Hungry - 60 Light Eaters $780.00


(SAMA Food for Balance will supply compostable - eco friendly bowls, knives, forks, spoons, and paper napkins for your event.)



Cauliflower Rice *w ghee (gf)     _______

Power Grains(v)(gf)(df)              _______

Basmati Rice(v)(gf)(df)              _______

(all three included for 25 or more) (choose 1-3 for less than 25)



_______Paleo Turkey Meatballs(gf)(df)

_______Falafel Bites (v)(gf)(df), 

_______Chickpea Tikka Masala  (v)(df)(gf)

_______ Salmon (gf)(df) - additional $3.50 per person-Indicate how many.

Choose up to 4


Sides:  Choose 5

______Asian Sweet & Sour Kale w cabbage(v) (gf) (df)

______Roasted Sweet Potatoes (df)(gf)(v)

______Yellow Squash and Leeks w ghee (gf)

______Fired Roasted Corn and Dill

______Roasted Red Pepper Salad (v) (gf) (df)

______Blanched Broccoli (v) (gf) (df)

______Beet and Citrus Salad (v) (gf) (df)

______Ume Plum Cucumber (v) (gf) (df)

______Ume Plum Red Cabbage (v) (gf) (df) 

______Avocado w Citrus and Pink Salt

(customers selection of 5-7 sides)


Chutney/Sauces: Choose 3

______Coconut Marinara (v) (gf) (df)

______Avocado Hummus (v) (gf) (df)

______Mango Chutney (v) (gf) (df)  (recommended with salmon!)

______Cucumber Mint Raita (v) (df) (gf)

______Green Chili Lime Chutney  (v) (gf) (df)

(customers selection of 2- 3)


Dressings: all (v) (df) (gf)

______Chickpea Ranch

______Cashew Green Dream

______Lemon Tahini

______Green Goddess

______Sunshine Sauce

Choose 2-3




Juices & Mylks  -all (v) (df) (gf)  (8 oz. Bottles, $5.50 each) Indicate how many.  

______Six Taste - cucumber, green apple, celery, dandelion, lemon,  ginger

______Sweet and Sour - green apple, lemon and ginger

______Cool Aid- watermelon, aloe vera, lime, shatavari

______BitterSweet- dandelion, green apple

______Ojas -pineapple, orange ginger, turmeric, schisandra berry,  rosehip hibiscus

______Panchakarma - coconut water, activated charcoal

______Good Mood Mylk - almond mylk, cacao powder, maple syrup,  cordyceps, pink salt




Sweet Endings:  (4 oz. Dessert Cups, $6.50 each)   Indicate how many:  all (df) (v) (gf)

______Chocolate Avocado Pudding with our own cashew cream, cacao nips, hazelnut crunch 

______White Chia seed and Lime Pudding, topped with a lemongrass curd, fresh organic blueberry, lime zest and black sesame seeds

______Banana Pudding - creamy banana and caramel date pudding, layered in-between fresh banana slices and a sun butter cookie crumble, topped with coco whip and maple candied pecans



Delivery Fee

______ Pick Up

______$25 within 10 miles

______$35 11-15 miles

______$50 16 to 20 miles

______$ over 20 miles, call to arrange



Please confirm guest count and selections 48 hours before event.  Based upon your selections, we will submit a final total to you and payment will be due, in full, at this time.

Thank you again for considering {SAMA} Food for Balance for your catering needs.

We are excited to serve  you!


Event Day/Time/Location _________________________________________________











We can work with you to customize Lite Bites from our menu.  


FALAFEL (skewers)

-with coconut mint raita                                         $1.50 _____

 -with mango chutney                                            $1.50 _____

 -with green chili lime chutney                                $1.50 _____



-with cauliflower rice, ume plum pickled veg                 $2_____




-with non dairy coconut yogurt, hazelnuts                      $2_____

pineapple, paleo granola

-with strawberry chia pudding, strawberry,                     $2_____

beet granola, cacao syrup

-with chocolate chia pudding, pomegranates,                  $2_____

coconut, cacao nibs, cacao syrup


JUICES ($5.50 each)

-Six Taste: cukes, apple, celery, lemon, ginger,                   _____


-Cool Aid: watermelon, lime, aloe, shatavari                        _____

-Ojas:orange, pineapple, ginger, turmeric, schisandra          _____

-Panchakarma: coconut water, activated charcoal                _____

-Sweet + Sour:apple, lemon, ginger                                   _____

-Good Mood Mylk:almond milk, cacao, cordyceps                 _____


 Headcount and 100% payment should be finalized 48 hours before event.


Event Date/Time ______________________________________________________


Event Location _______________________________________________________